1.How do I get information on forthcoming tours?

The best way is to register your email ID with contact@pastforward.in. You will then be informed each time an event is announced.

2. How much of walking is usually done in the local tours?

The local tours are invariably on foot and so require walking and standing for at least two hours. We do occasionally have bus tours and so if you have problems walking, do watch out for those.

3. Can I make independent travel arrangements for outstation heritage tours?

You  are most welcome to do so, thereby joining us at the destination. The charges for the tour will vary accordingly.

4. What do I need to wear for the local tours?

You will be advised on this for each tour based on the terrain and places that we will be seeing.

5. Given the ambient noise, how do I hear the commentary comfortably?

All participants are given WiFi receivers that enable them to hear perfectly.

6. What are the expenses that I need to budget for on outstation tours?

All travel (if you prefer we do the bookings), stay, local commutes, monument entry fees and food expenses are taken care of by Past Forward. You need to factor in your personal shopping and any room service charges you may incur at the hotels you put up at.

7. What if I need to cancel a booking after I have paid?

All outstation tours have specific cancellation policies that will be spelt out in the brochures. For local tours, the payment is rolled over to the next tour, with some deductions for expenses incurred. Money is refunded in full in case Past Forward cancels a tour.