The Chetties of Chetpet - a heritage walk

Cost Per Person: Rs 893

The names reel off like so many villages in ye olde England – Roundhay, Gorleston, Gometra, Crynant, Rosemere, Llanstephan, Runnymede …who would imagine that all of these and more were in our own Chetpet? And these were the homes of some of the leading members of the Komatty Chettys or Arya Vaisyas, a community that had its heyday during the British raj and put its prosperity to good use, building hostels, establishing educational institutions, extending patronage to Sabhas and giving much in charity. That gave rise to the legend that the Chettys lent their name to Chetpet, or at least one of them did. But that is merely a fable.


Chetpet was of course home to many more people – businessmen, administrators, lawyers, judges – all of them worthy of commemoration. Come, join historian Sriram V on a journey down memory lane on Sunday, August 25, at 4.00 pm.


Date: Sunday, August 25, 2019.

Time: 4.00 to 6.00 pm (High tea after walk- so ending time will be 6.30 pm)

Start at: Entrance to Harrington Road

End at: ID, Harrington Road

Charges: Rs 850 + 5% GST


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