Join us on our historic walks of Chennai that was Madras. Led by the city’s favourite historian, Sriram V. On the third Sunday of each month.

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Join us on our tours of various parts of India. Announced at periodic intervals, these will give you an insight into India’s history and culture as never before.

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Listen to Sriram V, hold forth with his characteristic humour and storytelling skills, bring alive a slice of India’s history.

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About Us

Put together by well-known writer and historian Sriram V, Past Forward specialises in heritage tours and trails. Each of these is crafted to suit a wide variety of interests – temples, stately homes, great personalities, scandals, music, dance, intrigues and plenty of humour.

Beginning with walking tours and trails in and around Madras that is now Chennai, Past Forward has since gone on to curating heritage experiences in other parts of Tamil Nadu and the rest of India.

Watch out for our announcements each month.

And in case you are in a hurry, do give us a shout. We will do a tour specially for you, with one of our trained docents.

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Our Benefits

What do you get by joining Past Forward on its tours/walks or attending a talk organised by it?

Understand India

This is a country that is not uni-dimensional. Its history is so multilayered that it is only by experiencing it that you can comprehend the country. That is what we offer.

Relive History

The history of India is not the dry-as-dust writing that you find in textbooks. It is a dramatic past, full of sacrifice, greed, love, hate and just about anything else that makes humankind so interesting. We recreate this through our tours.

Experience Culture

To us, culture is not something in a museum. It needs to be soaked in. Our offerings give you just that.